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Border Security

The Biden-Harris Administration has failed us and we, as Texans, must do everything we can to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs and human trafficking flowing across our border.

Fight for Life

I am 100% pro life and will protect the life of the unborn by defending any and all attacks trying to water down Senate Bill 8 known as the “Heartbeat Bill” signed into law in the 2021 Texas Legislative Session.

Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

Local governments should be banned from using taxpayer money to pay lobbyists in Austin who advocate for laws that are against the interest of their taxpayers. We need to ban taxpayer funded lobbying once and for all.

Property Tax & Appraisal Reform

Austin must fix the property tax and appraisal system that is crushing property owners at every level of government. We need real discussions with real solutions to fix the system.

Keep Critical Race Theory (CRT) Out of Our Schools

I will work to save our kids and fix our schools by prohibiting CRT, as well as any other flawed curriculum promoted by the “woke” leftist mob, to be taught or promoted.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Along with so many others, I fought to defend our Freedom, including the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees our right to “keep and bear arms.” I will be a tireless advocate for this sacred right; including the recently passed “Constitutional Carry” legislation.

Support Law Enforcement

I support fully funding law enforcement and will fight against every “progressive” scheme to defund, or defame, the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our families every day.

Promote Our Local Issues & Economy

I will fight for our important local issues such as storm surge protection, controlling TWIA rate hikes and supporting the key sectors of our local economy from ports and the petrochemical industry to tourism and healthcare.

Election Integrity

Securing our elections is key to the very fabric of our government and way of life. We need to ensure that the Texas Attorney General’s Office has the ability to prosecute these cases in counties where partisan DA’s refuse to enforce the law.

Bail Reform

This social justice crusade in places like Harris County and Houston needs to stop. The legislature needs to put safeguards in place to prevent judges from releasing murderers from jail and putting the public’s safety at risk. We need to step in where the local government has failed to protect their citizens.